Innovative Care Systems, Inc.

We know Voluntary Plans. ICS, Inc. has been providing Voluntary Plan services since the 1990s. We have not only been regarded as the preventative solution, but also the remediation solution.  We’ve helped Plans identify and prioritize issues to return them to good standing with the EDD.

ICS is committed to delivering the highest quality of California Voluntary Plan consulting services with a customized approach geared to the special needs of third party administrators.

Our smaller size is by design and key to our success. As a boutique practice, our high-caliber staff focuses on maintaining a client-centric environment, delivering thoughtful California Voluntary Plan consulting services in a timely fashion.

An Administrator-Focused Approach

The success of the Voluntary Plans that we’ve serviced extends from the way we approach our partnership with our third party administrators. Our primary clients are the administrators; our secondary clients are the Voluntary Plans.  Through our partnership, we helped elevate the value of the Voluntary Plan product. In turn, our secondary clients receive a Voluntary Plan they value.

Proven Approach to Voluntary Plan Administration

ICS has a deep understanding of Voluntary Plans and their administration. We work in concert with our plan administration partners with a proven approach. We encourage our partners to prevent, rather than resolve, administrative problems.

A successful preventive approach requires both early intervention and education – a key components for partners that want to minimize errors and maintain client relationships.  Involving ICS before decisions are made, actions are taken, or events occur can help prevent issues from escalating.  And, when management is thoroughly trained and educated, potential risks can be addressed in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  When Voluntary Plan claims are involved, prevention is the strategic path to securing our partner’s most important resources – your clients.

Contact Us

If you are interested in a VDI plan, request a feasibility study directly from your insurance or benefits administrator. Please note that ICS should not be contacted directly by the policyholder.

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